Teen Fury: Atoned

Teen Fury Book Three
Felicia Murphy, sixteen-year-old goddess of Vengeance, needs to make things right before everything goes terribly wrong.
Felicia Murphy never wanted to be a hero, yet the sixteen-year-old goddess of Vengeance has endured the pain of personal sacrifice for the greater good... or so she thought. Six months after severing all human ties and committing to serve the Furies, Felicia unwittingly grants mercy to a loved one from her previous life. Unable to hide the betrayal, her life with the Furies is at stake. Even worse, she can no longer deny the power of the merciful side of her biology. When a thinning of the veil between the realms is triggered, Felicia is called upon to find the balance that will prevent the merging of the worlds and the destruction of everything she holds dear. Amidst the chaos, she struggles to maintain focus on Sadie and her potential for deception and destruction. With her world at stake and way more responsibility than she feels capable of handling, will Felicia finally find herself and her true place in the world before time runs out? And if she comes to terms with her dual nature, will she be allowed to atone for her past actions?