Imperfect Harmony

Starting Over Book Four
A marriage of convenience isn’t on Harmony Peterson’s agenda when she’s forced to sneak into Healing Springs to retrieve important papers, but if marrying a stranger keeps her from reuniting with her estranged sisters, how dumb would she be to turn down the offer? She’ll do whatever it takes to keep her vow to protect the infant she hadn’t planned on raising. Keegan O’Malley knows he’s not qualified to save anyone, but if a sham marriage can help this beautiful, intriguing stranger who forced her way into his life and maybe help him in return, why should he talk himself into reason? Though he’s failed to live up to his moral code before, he has to believe he’s somehow been given a second chance to right the wrongs. A fake marriage may be something they can live with. But can they honor the unspoken promise to keep their hearts out of the bargain?