The Blackthorne Family Saga Book Four
His reputation is everything. So why is he falling for the one woman who could destroy it all?
Planted on Hollywood’s A-list, Kaden thought working the family dairy farm was part of his distant past. Though he had to return to help his brothers locate their missing father, there’s nothing in Healing Springs that he wants. Or so he thought. Chasing clues and narrowing in on their father’s whereabouts forces Kaden to work in close proximity to a woman he can’t stand. The woman responsible for chasing him away eight years ago. The woman who now intrigues him. If the paparazzi sniffs out their growing relationship, Kaden could lose everything he hopes to gain, including a role he desires above all else. But can he put a value on the way she makes him feel? The way she sees him like no one ever has? Regardless of what happens in Healing Springs, Kaden knows he’ll never be the same. ***Kaden is a seductive small town romance with a riveting mystery from the author of the Healing Springs series.***