The Blackthorne Family Saga Book Three
He may not say much, but once provoked… Or enticed…
All bets are off. Blaze learned early in life that his voice didn’t matter. He developed his fighting skills and now has big career plans and sponsors willing to support his time in the ring. But first, he needs to find his missing father so he can leave his hometown once again. Following clues leads him to danger, but no amount of danger carries as great a risk as being taunted by the woman who tempts him beyond all reason. The one woman in the world he vowed never to touch. His best friend’s little sister won’t leave him alone. But once an oath is broken, what does a man have left? And why is it that the one opponent he can’t beat happens to be the one that lives inside his head? ***Blaze is a seductive small town romance with a riveting mystery from the author of the Healing Springs series.***