Blackthorne Brothers - Prequel

In this short story prequel, the Blackthorne brothers wrestle with the decision to return home after a long absence.
Estranged from their hometown for eight years, the Blackthorne brothers are called back to search for their missing father. Convinced by Miss Molly--their great-aunt and the town's matriarch--that something dire has happened, the Blackthorne brothers remember an old brotherhood oath they had taken years ago. They are forced to disrupt their vastly different lives, leave their corners of the world, and return to their roots to keep the family dairy farm running in their father's absence. They are not interested in changing their lives, but will fate step in and force them out of their comfort zones? And will Healing Springs bring the brothers together or drive them further apart? *This is a short story prequel and leads into the four-book Blackthorne Brothers series--a small town contemporary romance series with medium heat level.*

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