Wherever You Go

Starting Over Book Three
She helps him step out of his comfort zone. Can he help her step into hers?
The last thing Paisley Peterson needs is to fall in love. Take a break from her stressful career? Yes. Try her hand at writing a romance novel? Yes. Beat the heck out of her cancer? Hell, yeah. Get in over her head in a stressful relationship with a mechanic with major family problems? No. Thanks anyway. Asher has always been the one to take care of the people in his life, so when sexy Paisley strolls in and takes the lead, he finds himself turned on by her independence and confidence in a way he has never been turned on before. But after suffering too many losses in life and with a plate already brimming with family members who need his care and protection, can he handle the truth behind her sudden appearance in Healing Springs? How is he supposed to allow himself to get close to her when he could lose her? Asher and Paisley are from two different worlds with two different life plans. Will their unplanned love affair turn into a dead end? Or will it be just the detour they have both needed all along?