The Immortal Contract

A grad student from Boston. A powerful canine shape-shifter. An unbreakable contract ordering the two strangers to marry and conceive a magical heir. Loyalties are tested in this New Adult Paranormal Romance.
What she wanted: A night away from the stress of a full-time job, grad school, and helping to care for her 18-year-old autistic sister. Oh, and a cure for her clumsiness and out of control curls would be nice. What she got: An attempted kidnapping, a strange realm filled with mystical creatures, and a stranger telling her he held a dictate with fine print she preferred not to read. Marry this guy and conceive a magical heir? Ha! Not likely. What he wanted: An obedient woman who would allow him to fulfill his duty with minimal disruption. The contract was never his idea, but the fate of his world depended on their compliance. What he got: The impossible task of training a too-spirited woman to channel her deep power. A sassy mortal who can't comprehend the lengths this powerful canine shape-shifter will go to protect the ones he holds dear. Will they find the middle ground before they violate The Immortal Contract?