The Blackthorne Family Saga Book Two
A secret from the past. A new commitment to the future.
Zander wants to find his missing father as much as his brothers do, but he’s itching to get back to the life he put on hold to come back to Healing Springs. Returning to farm life after building a successful career as a surgeon in disaster-prone regions has him irritable. Discovering the life-altering secrets hidden from him for the past eight years has him enraged. And the target for his rage? The woman he spent the last eight years trying to forget. He had thought perhaps her discomfort at his return could be attributed to lingering feelings for him, but he was dead wrong. Her secrets force him to reevaluate his life and everything important to him. But can loving her—and her secret—fulfill him enough to sacrifice the only life he has ever wanted? And can he forgive her for the time lost to her deception? ***Zander is a seductive small town romance with a riveting mystery from the author of the Healing Springs series.***